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IDS - Command & Control (IDS-C2) captures the flow of mission-critical information when it happens, where it happens, and how it happens.

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Out-of-the-Box, Ready-Today Solution

IDS-C2, by SAI, assembles all the software, hardware, services, and support into one easy-to-use, out-of-the-box, ready-today solution configured 100% to your location's mission needs.  

If your installation already has one of SAI's products in use (IDS4, IDS5, AFAS, and/or AAAS) IDS-C2 is immediately ready to communicate, connect, and start the critical exchange of data essential in establishing a common operating picture.

IDS-C2 allows users to immediately capture, send, and receive the data required for mission success.  Critical, accurate, and reliable information is available in your office, in your operations area, or even mobile...where you need it when you need it!

In both intra and interagency interactions, information is considered a primary asset that needs to be produced, retrieved, processed, consumed, and/or distributed within the operational network. The dynamic exchange of information empowers users with the ability to receive, modify, and distribute critical data that is immediately displayed graphically and/or textually on all user workstations.

The Active Cordon Display is just one example of how IDS-C² can assimilate and instantaneously disseminate information to create a common operating picture and enhanced situational awareness. This capability can be adapted to installation grid maps, roadways, or any operationally significant area/structure.

Integrated Operations Dashboard

Systems Atlanta, Inc. (SAI) IDS - Command & Control (IDS-C2) solution, powered by SAI’s Integrated Information Display and Dissemination System technology captures the flow of mission-critical information when it happens, where it happens, and how it happens. Critical, accurate, and reliable information available in your office, in your operations area, or even mobile … where you need it, when you need it! Whether in response to an emergency situation or simply managing daily operations, synergy among geographically distributed organizations is a must. In short, by harnessing information technology, we are able to enrich an organization’s command and control infrastructure, transforming information into usable knowledge that is critical in the Collaborative Decision-Making (CDM) process.

Video Server Interface

In addition to dynamic informational exchange capabilities, the SAI IDS-C² solution is able to integrate live data from multiple sources. In addition to display and distribution, this data can be further augmented with alerts, notifications and/or associated information that may be critical to an efficient event response.

The Video Server Interface is just one example:

  • Live video data is enhanced with user alerts/relevant info
  • Static data transformed into actionable knowledge
  • Enhanced situational awareness/response readiness
  • Synergy to permit time critical decision making achieved
Automated E-mail Generation/User Acknowledgement

Critical to efficient time and resource management, is the ability to reduce unnecessary, often redundant, voice communications. Achieving this, the SAI IDS-C² solution is configurable to alert users, both audibly and/or visually, of new information with the capability to require positive acknowledgment. Additionally, the SAI IDS-C² can be configured to automatically archive data for event investigation or historical tracking. The system is also able to generate pre-defined textual reports that can be distributed directly or automatically saved onto the workstation or removable media.

Information available to those who need it, when they need it!!!

Operational Checklists

Eliminate reliance on printed material through the integration of all necessary reference material into the SAI IDS-C² solution. This is accomplished through the automatic import of electronic documents, targeted web-based reference sources, or a combination of both. The SAI IDS-C² is designed with a distributed architecture with the redundant storage of data, providing simple data maintenance, rapid data access, and enhanced system integrity.

Automated Operational checklists augmented within the system to:

  • Track task completion (what, when, who)
  • Automated notification to other agencies that actions are completed
  • Initiations of secondary action, such as a field condition reporting
  • Automatic archiving of data for required retention / investigation
Airfield/ Building Status Display

SAI IDS-C² creates a common operational picture (COP), able to feed real-time airfield, building, road, or any critical infrastructure status to key stake-holders, command staff, and/or installation populous. These capabilities enable Senior Leaders to make decisions based on live, actionable information and allows direct communication with impacted facilities / agencies, maintaining continual awareness of   updates as they occur. This is further enhanced through:

  • Integrated base overview w/ continual reference to critical data
  • Immediate update notification and acknowledgements
  • Integrated checklists associated with an event / response
  • Imbedded reference information for quick access
  • Mobile capabilities for transmitting and receiving information even in shelter during emergency situations

Experience Matters!

SAI has more experience successfully designing and implementing IDS networks than any vendor worldwide.

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