The Systems Atlanta Range Information System (RIS) provides tools to track, display and coordinate all aspects of range activities. From live fire exercises to parachute operations, your people will be safer and more informed with Digital RIS tools at their disposal.

DRIS (00000002)

Essential Text-to-Speech Technology

The simple, easy to use interface makes documenting and managing range activities an easy task. Say goodbye to white boards and antiquated tracking methods, and hello to a streamlined data sharing system that combines textual and graphical data to ensure critical information is always in the right hands.

Information entered into the IDS5 RIS solution can be shared with other facilities and even accessed via telephone and over radio broadcasts.

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  • Increase Situational Awareness
  • Back and forth communications
  • Replaces outdated and error-prone systems
  • Removes human error
  • Automatic dissemination of critical information

  • Textual on-screen display
  • Graphical range maps
  • Radio broadcast
  • Phone call-in


  • Systems Atlanta provided configuration
  • Tailored to site’s exact needs
  • Easily upgradable and maintainable

Experience Matters!

SAI has more experience successfully designing and implementing IDS networks than any vendor worldwide.

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