SAI has experience designing, developing, and integrating IDS technology across multiple aviation environments. 

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SAI's software products are flexible and meet the information needs of air traffic controllers and other aviation users in a variety of operational settings. Our IDS systems serve personnel in Air Traffic Control Towers (ATCTs), Terminal Radar Approach Controls (TRACONs), Automated Flight Service Stations (AFSSs), Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCCs), weather stations, maintenance facilities, training facilities, airline/airport operations centers, and military ATC facilities.


Air Traffic Control

As an air traffic controller, you react, you control, and you succeed. You need your radios, your radar, and your information. We complete the triad of your tool kit essentials information when and how you need it. We're the proven leader in ATC information displays with well over three decades of ...

Command and Control

IDS - Command & Control (IDS-C2) captures the flow of mission critical information when it happens, where it happens, and how it happens. IDS-C2 allows users to immediately capture, send, and receive the data required for mission success. Critical, accurate, and reliable information ...


Airport Operations

Systems Atlanta’s IDS-Airport Operations (AO) solution provide every user easy access to accurate and timely data. All IDS-AO data is accessible via touch-screen friendly and clearly labeled buttons. Imagine having the ability to automatically manipulate a heavy stream of critical data by dire...

Drone Sentry

 Overview Systems Atlanta’s Drone Sentry Detection System (SA-DS²) provides direction-finding, an extended detection range of 6 km per sensor, and tracking of unauthorized drone intrusions. The state-of-the-art antenna combines an omni-directional antenna with low-profile directional ...

SAI Drone Sentry

Experience Matters!

SAI has more experience successfully designing and implementing IDS networks than any vendor worldwide.

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