Specifically designed around the needs of the aviation community, ACE-IDS is an integrated COTS/NDI system that includes hardware and software components complying with U.S. government certification standards.

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Featuring Systems Atlanta's powerful IDS5 software suite, ACE-IDS is the FAA's national program for integrated data display and distribution systems to equip large, consolidated TRACON facilities, their associated ATCTs, and various other remote sites. Its external interface capabilities ensure all controllers in every location have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

The FAA program includes 13 ACE-IDS hub systems that link 101 operational air traffic control (ATC) facilities in addition to four support facilities. These systems include 890 servers and workstations.

  • Atlanta Large TRACON
  • Northern California TRACON
  • Boston Consolidated TRACON
  • Oklahoma City TRACON
  • Dallas-Ft. Worth TRACON
  • Potomac Consolidated TRACON
  • Guam CERAP
  • Phoenix TRACON
  • Honolulu Control Facility
  • Seattle TRACON
  • Indianapolis TRACON
  • Spokane TRACON
  • St. Louis Gateway TRACON

ACE-IDS at the Potomac Consolidated TRACON

The Potomac TRACON ACE-IDS network is one of the largest IDS5 sites in the field today. PCT has 130+ workstations installed in the TRACON and 6 associated airports. The system has external interfaces to RVR, RBDT/LLWAS, AFOS/AWIPs, ASOS, FDIO, IRIG-B clock and DASI, ensuring all controllers have the most up-to-date information.

  • Digital ATIS
  • Runway Visual Range (RVR)
  • Digital Altimeter Setting Indicator (DASI)
  • Low Level Alert Windshear Alert System (LLWAS)
  • Automated surface Observing System (ASOS)
  • Flight Data Input/Output (FDIO)
  • Notices to Airman (NOTAMS)
  • Significant Meteorological Information (SIGMETS)
  • Automation of Field Operations and Services (AFOS)
  • Meteorological Aerodrome Report (METAR)
  • Instrument Landing System (ILS)
  • Terminal Doppler Weather Radar (TDWR)
  • Information Display System 4 (IDS4)
  • Air Force Airfield Automation System (AFAS)
  • Army Airfield Automation System (AAAS)
  • Clock

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SAI has more experience successfully designing and implementing IDS networks than any vendor worldwide.

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