KENNESAW, GA (June 12, 2015) – Systems Atlanta, Inc. (SAI) is proud to announce the completion of our first IDS5™ Version 1.7 Database Administration training course. United States (US) Army students from Fort Hood, Texas and Fort Sill, Oklahoma attended a 5-day in-house training course at SAI’s Kennesaw, Georgia training facility. The course curriculum covered not only the newest IDS5™ v1.7 features and functions, but also all required skills to successfully administer and maintain an Army Airfield Automation System (AAAS). AAAS is powered by SAI’s IDS5™ software suite and is in use worldwide within most, if not all, US Army ATC facilities.

Of great interest to the students was the course lesson covering the new IDS5 Conditional Attribute™ feature introduced in this most recent version release of IDS5™. This new feature is ideal for creating dynamic map displays that will allow for a graphical depiction of Special Use Airspace (SUA) such as restricted areas, Military Operations Areas (MOA’s) and other special use airspaces. After the introduction and course training, an attending student commented, “The conditional attributes feature will greatly expand our ability to track range activity for joint use airspace. It is a very nice feature that will get a lot of use for daily operations.”

A close second was the introduction and instruction of an SAI exclusive – IDS5 Style Sheets™. This new feature allows IDS5™ Database Administrators the ability to completely change the look, feel and overall style of an existing IDS5™ database. One of the students attending the course stated, “I love the modern look and feel that Style Sheets brings to IDS5™. It looks like a completely new product.”

As with all IDS5™ Database Administration classes held at SAI, students are provided with a professional analysis of their site’s existing database. Part of the analysis is hands-on, over-the-shoulder assistance with incorporating the newest features and capabilities into their site-specific IDS5™ database. Students are not only able to update their database with current version upgrades during the classroom training sessions but the course work can be taken back to their home facilities and easily imported into their operational IDS5™ network. The knowledge students obtain during the IDS5™ Database Administrator training course allows them to import this data with ease.

About Systems Atlanta, Inc.

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