KENNESAW, GA (September 19, 2015) – Systems Atlanta, Inc. (SAI), the leader in Information Integration and Display Technology (IDS), is proud to partner with the USAF by upgrading their Airfield Automation System (AFAS) program’s core operating software to SAI’s most current version available –  IDS5™ v1.7. The USAF AFAS upgrade contract has a period of performance of ten months and will encompass the upgrade of 935 workstation software licenses located in 97 Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Airfield Management (AM) facilities.

The USAF AFAS program began in 2005 with a software and services contract awarded to SAI to equip 70 Air Force, Air Force Reserve, and Air National Guard bases with over 700 IDS5™ workstations supporting ATC and AM activities. In 2008, AFAS Phase II was awarded to SAI and the delivery of IDS5™ products and services to an additional 27 locations was continued. The completion of both AFAS delivery phases resulted in IDS5™ being deployed as the program’s core software in facilities located within USAF Major Command (MAJCOM) bases within the USA, Europe, and the Pacific.

The release of SAI’s newest software version has catapulted available IDS technology to the next level for all customers of record. The ability of ATC and AM to instantly collaborate via automated means is paramount for the instantaneous decisions that must be made each minute on a daily basis. Enabling IDS5™ users via the fielding of AFAS to be able to ‘simply click a button’ to access or coordinate aviation-related data has revolutionized the way the Air Force does business on an airfield. SAI’s President and CEO, Tyler Dobson stated: “I am very proud to have been afforded the opportunity for SAI to work with the United States Air Force on such a significant modernization effort that they undertook over 10 years ago in the collection and dissemination of critical aviation data. Continuing their AFAS modernization via this software upgrade contract shows not only their belief in our software, but the strong partnership that has been in place for over a decade now.”

Upon completion of this IDS5™ software version upgrade in early 2016, the USAF AFAS program will join the US Army as having the most advanced, powerful, and operationally proven IDS product available in the world.

 About Systems Atlanta, Inc.

Systems Atlanta, Inc. (SAI) provides comprehensive solutions and services to address the technology requirements of civilian, government, and military air traffic control, aviation and emergency facilities. A pioneer in the Information Display Systems (IDS) industry, SAI has more than 30 years of experience developing and implementing IDS networks in diverse operational environments around the world. The company’s solutions include the widely-adopted and highly-customizable IDS5 product suite, network and software engineering, classroom and online training courses, technical support, project/program management, and other services designed to improve customers’ information access, situational awareness, responsiveness, and operational efficiencies.  For more information, visit SAI at: https://www.sysatl.com.

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