The Drone Threat is Real – Are You Detecting Them at Your Airport?

KENNESAW, GA (January 25, 2019) – While the FAA has been tracking unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) over the past several years (currently receiving more than 100 drone sighting reports each month), it is only in the past few months that unauthorized drone operations around airports has captured international media attention. First was the event on December 19th, 2018 at Gatwick Airport (England) where unauthorized drone activities completely paralyzed airport operations for roughly a day and a half. Most recently, on January 22nd, 2019, all flights arriving into Newark Liberty International Airport, New Jersey (USA) were halted after two pilots reported a drone flying in the nearby area. These events, plus the numerous others that have not received media coverage, demonstrate the significant risk unauthorized drone operations can have on flight safety and the associated impacts on not only an airport’s flight operations but also the financial disturbance due to aircraft delays.

To combat this issue, Systems Atlanta, Inc. (SAI) in conjunction with Version 2 (V2) has developed a tailorable, sensor-based drone detection solution to provide immediate situational awareness of drone activity. Through the systems advanced notification the airport is better equipped to determine the most appropriate and time critical response to a potential threat against aircraft. Additionally, the advanced warnings of drone activity can potentially assist law enforcement in apprehending the drone/operator.

Recognizing the often long planning and procurement process, immediate drone detection capability can be achieved with the Portable Drone Sentry PDS-2000. This suitcase-sized, autonomous version of the more robust, fixed network V2 Drone Sentry system can be set up and operational in minutes. As a mobile solution, the Portable Drone Sentry PDS-2000 can provide the airport with immediate drone detection capability today that will significantly enhance safety, while a more permanent fixed solution is procured for perimeter security. Once the fixed sensors have been procured and installed, the Portable Drone Sentry PDS-2000 would remain in use as a roving, mobile capability to enhance drone location efforts anywhere on or near the airport’s operation area.

About Systems Atlanta Inc.

Systems Atlanta, Inc. (SAI) provides comprehensive solutions and services to address the technology requirements of civilian, government, and military air traffic control, aviation and emergency facilities. A pioneer in the Information Display Systems (IDS) industry, SAI has more than 30 years of experience developing and implementing IDS networks in diverse operational environments around the world.  The company’s solutions include the widely-adopted and highly-customizable IDS4 and IDS5 product suite, network and software engineering, classroom and online training courses, technical support, project/program management, and other services designed to improve customers’ information access, situational awareness, responsiveness, and operational efficiencies.

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