Systems Atlanta, Inc. Awarded FAA IDS4 Sustainment Support Contract

KENNESAW, GA (January 17, 2018) – Systems Atlanta Inc. (SAI) is pleased to announce the award of the Information Display System, model 4 (IDS4) sustainment support contract for the FAA.  IDS4, a Microsoft – Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) based program has been in constant use since the early 1990s as a vital informational resource / tool for air traffic controllers, operational in more than 370 FAA facilities.  SAI support and maintenance technicians/engineers will work closely with the FAA support team (AJW-1444) to ensure IDS4 networks continue to provide critical information to air traffic controllers and managers uninterrupted.

As outlined in the IDS4 Sustainment Support Services statement of work, SAI will support IDS4 fault diagnosis and remediation and troubleshooting of network inconsistencies.  SAI Engineers will provide reconfigurations of existing workstations and interface licenses as necessary to accommodate changes in the FAA operational environment or other requirements.  Additionally, SAI technicians will deliver IDS4 sustainment telephonic support services to address system concerns, troubleshoot network issues, and assist with any necessary restoration actions to ensure system integrity.

When the IDS4 was first fielded, it truly revolutionized the way air traffic controllers retrieved data and accessed live source information.  Thanks to the superior reliability of its core software, the remarkable sustainment efforts of FAA AJW-1444, and the addition of this latest IDS4 Sustainment Support Services contract, the IDS4 networks will continue to fulfill its critical FAA air traffic support role for years to come.


About Systems Atlanta Inc.

Systems Atlanta, Inc. (SAI) provides comprehensive solutions and services to address the technology requirements of civilian, government, and military air traffic control, aviation and emergency facilities. A pioneer in the Information Display Systems (IDS) industry, SAI has more than 30 years of experience developing and implementing IDS networks in diverse operational environments around the world.  The company’s solutions include the widely-adopted and highly-customizable IDS4 and IDS5 product suite, network and software engineering, classroom and online training courses, technical support, project/program management, and other services designed to improve customers’ information access, situational awareness, responsiveness, and operational efficiencies.

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