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Systems Atlanta’s IDS-Airport Operations (AO) solution provide every user easy access to accurate and timely data.  All IDS-AO data is accessible via touch-screen friendly and clearly labeled buttons. Imagine having the ability to automatically manipulate a heavy stream of critical data by directing specific elements to exactly the person or office that needs it - immediately when they need it.


Powered by SAI’s operationally proven IDS5 technology, IDS-AO is a sophisticated system of workstations connected by a communications network. IDS-AO serves as the primary integration and launching platform for weather, emergency, display and operational information.

Real-Time Data Assimilation...

Integrated Operations Dashboard

Real-Time Data Assimilation and Dissemination

Real-Time Data Assimilation and Dissemination

Systems Atlanta, Inc. (SAI) IDS-AO solution, powered by SAI's Integrated Information Display and Dissemination System technology provides every user immediate access to the information they need...when they need it. Whether in response to an emergency situation or simply managing daily operations, synergy among geographically distributed organizations is a must. In short, by harnessing information technology we are able to enrich an organization's command and control infrastructure...transforming information into usable knowledge that is critical in the Collaborative Decision-Making (CDM) process.