Air Traffic Control Information Display SystemAs an air traffic controller, you react, you control, and you succeed. You need your radios, your radar, and your information. We complete the triad of your tool kit essentials information when and how you need it.

We're the proven leader in ATC information displays with well over three decades of perfecting "your" product. Every single evolution and release of Systems Atlanta's IDS product line was a direct result of controller input and thousands of hours of use in almost every single type of ATC situation imaginable.

  • Need live weather paired with that GPS Approach plate? IDS will display that for you.
  • Need to know when the sun sets today? IDS will advise you.
  • Need to send a message to every facility on your base or post? Our IDS solutions will deliver it accurately and with incredible speed.

Your training and skill put you behind that microphone; let Systems Atlanta, with the most advanced information tool on the ATC market, arm you with all the information you need so everyone will arrive safe and sound.

IDS5 is installed in Air Traffic Control facilities world-wide!