aaas-logoSystems Atlanta's Army Airfield Automation System (AAAS) is the Integrated Dissemination and Display System used by the United States Army. Featuring the powerful IDS5 software suite, the AAAS significantly reduces controller workload, increases situational awareness, and enhances Army airfield operational efficiency.

After an operational comparison was conducted in 2009 by the US Army Product Management - Air Traffic Control (PM-ATC), IDS5 was selected by all evaluators as the system of choice to meet Army ATC facility needs. The resulting program, known as AAAS, began in 2010. Upon selection, SAI began supplying turnkey IDS5 networks and services to equip all PM-ATC identified Army Airfield (AAF) fixed base facilities. Under the AAAS program, SAI supplied IDS5 products and services to 55+ AAFs with fixed base facilities. Follow-on contract awards/modifications for SAI's IDS5 Digital Automated Terminal Information Service (DATIS) systems at 30 locations occurred. On-going AAAS and DATIS support and engineering services provided by SAI personnel for all fielded systems continues.

The Most Widely Used System in the ATC and Aviation Community

With IDS5 as the core of AAAS, the Army is able to consolidate monitoring, control, and information management functions within an ATC facility. AAAS imports weather data from JET and ASOS sensors via an IDS5 Interface allowing system-wide distribution of time-critical, up-to-the-second weather data. The IDS5 Flight Data Input/Output (FDIO) Interface ensures all operating positions have aircraft movement information, general information messages, weather warnings, etc., at their fingertips.

The ability to merge ATC reference information and manually enter data into IDS5 makes AAAS one of the top three most critical systems within the ATC "toolbox."

Key Features

Systems Atlanta's Army Airfield Automation System (AAAS) allows over 55 Army Airfields (AAFs) and Army Heliports (AHPs) to share aircraft movement (ground and airborne) information, range status (active vs. inactive), publications (local and Army-wide), weather information, equipment status, and other vital information needed to ensure safe operations.

Each facility has the ability to maintain their own information—such as facility checklists, recall rosters and phone numbers—all restricted from inter-facility access, providing a secure internal network of data sharing while integrating and sharing other information between facilities as required.

Total Support

Because we know your operational performance hinges on the solutions that support it, Systems Atlanta provides the advanced technology as well as the expertise and training to implement according to your unique requirements.