webfaaids4-3Systems Atlanta, Inc. (SAI) has been under contract with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) since 2003 to provide support services to assist in sustaining Information Display System 4 (IDS4) systems for air traffic control operations until they are replaced. This contract applies to all FAA-owned IDS4 systems operational throughout the National Airspace System (NAS), regardless of facility location. Currently, there are approximately 2,200 IDS4 workstations configured as 120 systems with installations at some 400 facilities nationwide. Many of these sites are equipped with IDS4 External Data Interface (EDI/SIU) systems with numerous interface connections.


IDS4 is a system of networked microcomputers located in ATCTs, TRACONs, AFSSs, and ARTCCs that displays static and real-time, rapidly changing weather, operational support, and administrative information to air traffic control personnel. The IDS4 local-area and wide-area network communications system provides rapid distribution of information from its sources to networked display workstations.

IDS4 systems were locally or regionally procured from SAI, including licenses of proprietary software. As part of the FAA's Y2K compliance activities, all FAA Systems Atlanta IDS systems were upgraded to a single IDS4 software version and hardware upgrades were accomplished as necessary.

In recognition of the valuable contribution these systems provide to terminal air traffic control services, the Terminal Business Service (ATB) established this support contract to assist in sustaining existing IDS4 systems until they can be replaced. SAI provides second level engineering support to AJW-214 for our proprietary IDS4 software, network reconfigurations, and for software upgrades to accommodate changing technology and potentially for new FAA system interfaces.

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Services Provided

Second Level Engineering Support

SAI provides IDS4 second level engineering support by telephone to AJW-214 personnel and/or Air Traffic (AT) and Airway Facilities (AF) field personnel as authorized by AJW-214. The support includes assistance in diagnosis and resolution of problems occurring in any existing IDS4 system owned by the FAA. Support is available during SAI’s normal business day (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST or EDT). Based on 2nd level support contract parameters, SAI technicians and engineers will respond to initial support requests within 24 hours; however, in most instances we will make a good faith effort to respond during the same business day.