IDS5 Information Display SystemIDS5 is a system of workstations connected by a communications network to distribute and display static and real-time data. IDS5 acts as an electronic binder, providing immediate access to a wide range of operational information and support data, while also promoting the safety and efficiency of operations. Compared to other IDS products, IDS5 is not just a weather and document viewer, but is also a true collaboration tool. Operators have immediate access to large quantities of information that they would otherwise obtain from printed reference materials and content such as approach charts and publications can be updated across the entire system in seconds. IDS5 declutters the work environment by displaying a wide variety of data from multiple sources onto a single display to increase situational awareness and reduce required workspace. IDS5 further improves workplace efficiency through an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), which minimizes operator actions.

SAI has delivered various models of IDS to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), United States Department of Defense (DOD), and various other commercial and governmental aviation facilities.

IDS5 is the core software “engine” in:

  • the FAA’s Automated Surface Observation System (ASOS) Controller Equipment – Information Display System (ACE-IDS)
  • the United States Air Force (USAF) Airfield Automation System (AFAS), the United States Army Airfield Automation System (AAAS)
  • IDS-Airport Operations (IDS-AO)
  • IDS-Command and Control (IDS5-C2), within various DOD facilities that are non-ATC.

IDS5 is adaptable enough to meet and exceed the data display needs in many settings and is flexible enough to be the primary display for diverse information.


  • FAA and Military ATC facilities (Towers, RADAR)
  • Airfield management/base operations facilities
  • Airfield or airport maintenance facilities
  • Airline and airport operations centers
  • Automated Flight Service Stations
  • Emergency management facilities
  • Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting
  • Dispatch operations, Weather stations
  • Training facilities.