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Systems Atlanta, Inc. Upgrades US Army Digital ATIS Systems

KENNESAW, GA (August 24, 2014) – Systems Atlanta, Inc. (SAI) has upgraded 30 United States Army Airfields (AAFs) and Army Helipads (AHPs) with the latest release of the Integrated Information Display and Dissemination System, Model Five (IDS5) Digital Automatic Terminal Information Service (DATIS) software.

The IDS5-DATIS System’s engine is powered by StarCaster ATIS® Text-to-Speech technology, developed by STR-SpeechTech (STR), and distributed by Systems Atlanta, to provide the crystal clear, natural voice that is essential for critical message broadcasting. The coupling of STR’s ATIS software with SAI’s IDS5 software creates a powerful, user-friendly package for air traffic controllers to use on a daily basis.

These most recent enhancements to the IDS5-DATIS system provide users many new features that enhance system capabilities and efficiencies. Among these modifications are the enhanced touch-screen friendly user interface, and the ability to define a “Frequently Used” list of Field Conditions and NOTAMs. The most significant, efficiency-driven enhancement is the new DATIS Configuration Wizard, which allows users to select site-specific options such as, but not limited to, runway numbers and approach types. Additionally, site personnel will be able to change their lists of available items such as Field Conditions, NOTAMS, and Fixed Messages, without the need to purchase an update as was standard in previous software versions.

These enhancements, coupled with existing system capabilities, ensure that the IDS5-DATIS provides a user-friendly, high-quality, and fully automated replacement to manually-produced ATIS broadcasts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

About Systems Atlanta, Inc.
Systems Atlanta, Inc. (SAI) provides comprehensive solutions and services to address the technology requirements of civilian, government and military air traffic control, aviation and emergency facilities. A pioneer in the Information Display and Dissemination Systems (IDS) industry, SAI has more than 30 years of experience developing and implementing IDS networks in diverse operational environments around the world. The company’s solutions include the widely adopted and highly customizable IDS5 product suite, network and software engineering, classroom and online training courses, technical support, project/program management and other services designed to improve customers’ information access, situational awareness, responsiveness and operational efficiencies.