2021 Newsletter

2021 Annual Newsletter


The wind was howling, the rain was pounding, the bitter cold could be felt to the depths of my bones ... Read More  




2021 Q1 Newsletter

What a Difference 30 Years Makes


I landed in Frankfurt, West Germany on a crisp December morning in 1985 to report to my first Air Force home at the now-closed Hahn Air Base. Read More  



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2020 Q4 Newsletter

A Life Well Lived (x2)


This is the hardest article we have ever embarked upon to write for our newsletter. Read More  



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2020 Q3 Newsletter

Stay Between the Mailboxes!


It was 3:00 am Tuesday morning in Alpena, MI., circa 1999, as I was jolted awake by my house wall-phone ringing...Read More  



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2020 Q2 Newsletter

Who am I and What are We?


35 years ago, I had my first-ever airplane ride. I was 18 years old. I was excited. I was nervous...Read More  



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2020 Q1 Newsletter

Let’s Walk the Dog…


In May, I will be celebrating my 15th year of being a Georgia resident and a Systems Atlanta team member...Read More  



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2019 Q4 Newsletter

The Things We Do for…


…our children, our friends, our customers, our employees, etc. are endless...Read More  



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2019 Q3 Newsletter



(Insert Government, Credit Card Company, Major Retailer Here) just announced a cyberattack which has exposed millions of customers’ private data to hackers …”.Read More  



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2019 Q2 Newsletter

Did You Know?


Americans celebrate Independence Day on the Fourth of July every year.Read More  



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2019 Q1 Newsletter

Adapt to Overcome


It started with a simple question – “Dad, why don’t you text me instead of trying to call me first? I may be too busy to talk.” Read More  



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2018 Q4 Newsletter

Where Do I Go Next?


I thought, with the New Year upon us, what better time to take a look at where you may want to go with your career in 2019. Read More  



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2018 Q3 Newsletter

Do You Know Where Your Knowledge is?


We are constantly evolving as people, as businesses, and most certainly as professionals. If we are forever in motion, then why are we not consistently increasing our knowledge base? Read More  



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2018 Q2 Newsletter

I talked to no one ... sad, but yet pleasing.


As most know, I travel frequently. Over time I have adapted to technology, mostly with a push from my children in the form of.... Read More  



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2018 Q1 Newsletter

About every 120 days I get “the email.” It is always polite, it is always upbeat, and it is always ending with a due date. Once I read it I am always optimistic I will actually meet the deadline, but I always know ...." Read More  



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2017 Q4 Newsletter

A 'new' IDS4 installation in the Midwest, IDS5 to IDS5 reciprocity approval resulting in an Army facility connected to an Air Force facility, the largest influx of system administrator training course requests to date, the ...." Read More  


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2017 Q3 Newsletter

No Amazon, no Craigslist, no Netflix, no Google, no, no Wikipedia, no LinkedIn, no Facebook, no Skype, no YouTube, no, no, no...  Why all the "No"s you ask?  Well when Systems Atlanta installed the first ever...." Read More  


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2017 Q2 Newsletter

When you hear that a product of any kind is 'new and improved', it immediately evokes an eye rolling 'yea right' as though you have envisioned a bad infomercial.  If something is new, then how is it improved...." Read More  


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2017 Q1 Newsletter

There are certain days at work that no one likes.  Those are the days when the boss calls you into the conference room or break room, with all employees squeezed into every available space.  Waiting for you is an insurance...." Read More  


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2016 Q4 Newsletter

As we close out this year I wanted to wish each and every one of you a joyous holiday season.  In lieu of a plethora of words on this year's final newsletter, I will leave you with some pictures of the SAI team celebrating this...." Read More  


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2016 Q3 Newsletter

The United States of America election season is upon us and many issues are at the forefront; some real, some perceived to be real and some just downright fantasy.  Regardless of your political affiliation, you are...." Read More  


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2016 Q2 Newsletter

On May 3rd, 2016, Systems Atlanta, Inc. (SAI) had the honor of hosting the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) sponsored East Africa Airports Modernization and Security Reverse Trade Mission (RTM)...." Read More  


2016 Q1 news letter thumb

2016 Q1 Newsletter

February 26th and 27th nine SAI employees volunteered their time to help the Page Foundation's annual Georgia Academic Decathlon (GAD) completion held at Berkmar High School in Gwinnett County, GA..." Read More  


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2015 Q4 Newsletter

"I BelieveThere are many things in our world, as we begin our life's journey that we just accepted as 'real.'  Think back to when you were a child, what did you believe in that perhaps was not exactly as you parents..." Read More  


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2015 Q3 Newsletter

"Blast from the Past – Everyone likes to read a success story in which the hero "makes good" through honesty, initatve, hard work, and service to his fellow man. It reminds us of the days when our pioneer..."  Read More


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2015 Q2 Newsletter

"NextGen – you hear it used a lot pretty much everywhere you go and not just in the aviation arena. What exactly does it mean? Well, that is definitely not easily answered. According to the dictionary definition..."  Read More


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2015 Q1 Newsletter

"Low cost solutions for real world problems." That was a mantra I heard time and time again while growing up during those early years of Systems Atlanta, Inc. For almost 40 years, that mantra remains..."  Read More


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2014 Q4 Newsletter

As 2014 come to an end, another year is on the cusp of coming into existence. On behalf of everyone here at Systems Atlanta, Inc. (SAI) I want to thank you for the privilege of allowing us to work alongside you during..."  Read More


2014 Q3 news letter thumb

2014 Q3 Newsletter

Over the course of many years, 38 to be exact, Systems Atlanta Inc. (SAI) has grown into a powerhouse for Integrated Information Display and Dissemination System (IDS) solutions. Over the past 10..." Read More