KENNESAW, GA (October 13, 2015) – Grayling Army Airfield (AAF), located at Camp Grayling, Michigan, will be expanding their Army Airfield Automation System (AAAS) by adding two additional workstations to their IDS5™ network. Grayling AAF is a public/military use airport located in Crawford County, Michigan, within the confines of the Camp Grayling installation. It is owned by the United States Army and operates two 5,000-foot runways.

Currently, IDS5™ workstations are located in the Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT), Airfield Commander’s office, and Flight Operations areas. The two new AAAS add-on workstations will be installed within the Range Control facility, allowing the immediate transfer of critical data between all connected facilities. These additional interconnected workstations will greatly enhance operational and flight safety throughout the airfield. AAAS is powered by SAI’s IDS5™ software suite interconnected to multiple 3rd party source data systems culminating in an instantaneous view of the entire airfield and range picture.

IDS5™ augments critical data-sharing among separate agencies and is a system of workstations connected by a communications network to distribute and display static and real-time data. IDS5™ acts as an electronic binder, providing immediate access to a wide range of operational information and support data; promoting the safety and efficiency of operations. Operators have immediate access to large quantities of information that they would otherwise obtain from printed reference materials. IDS5™ de-clutters the work environment by displaying a wide variety of data from multiple sources onto a single display to increase situational awareness and reduce required work space. IDS5™ further improves work-place efficiency through an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) which minimizes operator actions.

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Systems Atlanta, Inc. (SAI) provides comprehensive solutions and services to address the technology requirements of civilian, government, and military air traffic control, aviation and emergency facilities. A pioneer in the Information Display Systems (IDS) industry, SAI has more than 30 years of experience developing and implementing IDS networks in diverse operational environments around the world. The company’s solutions include the widely-adopted and highly-customizable IDS5 product suite, network and software engineering, classroom and online training courses, technical support, project/program management, and other services designed to improve customers’ information access, situational awareness, responsiveness, and operational efficiencies.  For more information, visit SAI at:

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